Our assistance, your serenity

tele-assistance meeting

We offer a reliable, timely, accurate customer care service

InKey provides remote service, reducing customer costs and optimizing time.

Our commitment is to ensure maximum peace of mind for the customer by eliminating any technical concerns.

Remote assistance

Protecting customer data and privacy is an essential requirement for us; This is why remote services are provided exclusively with professional tools with security certificates.

In addition to having a complete system of logs of the activities performed, the Customer has full control of the file transfer activities between local and remote.

Under no circumstances can you monitor what is done on your PC without the operator’s knowledge.

The advanced features of the tools we use greatly increase our and your productivity.

Training and presentations

Organizing meetings or presentations online saves time and money, provides greater planning flexibility, reduces travel expenses, and greatly facilitates data sharing and event registration.

Video tutorials are also available on request to help customers choose where and when to learn the new skills.