ikDrone is Directional Reporting, Business Intelligence and more!


ikDrone is a tool for analyzing and evaluating business results and performance,anytime and from any device.

Thanks to the use of a dedicated server for each customer, a solution that very few other companies can provide, ikDrone is always reachable and responds at an incredible speed.

The availability of online dashboards with interactive insights is critical across all business departments to visualize results and understand the dynamics of their making.

If the business management is called upon to present a strategy to the CEO, they can count on the updated data on their device at any time, including smartphones, tablets or smart TV at home or in the meeting room.

To present data quickly and accurately, you just need a smart TV connected to the internet, no PCs, connecting cables and experts in computer science or projectors.

Just think of yourself

The fact that the dashboard is tailor-made for you, on your specific requests, gives you the confidence to have all the indicators you think you need,and only those, no unnecessary information.

In just a few clicks, you can get insights into the data and make informed decisions.

ikDrone provides you with interactive dashboards that meet all your information needs by making it easy to access the content you need, from any device at any time.

Its ability to be proactive, alerting you with special alarms what are the critical issues,saves you time and gives you the opportunity to intervene more promptly.

Do you want to be automatically notified if some customers decrease the turnover by 10%, if some item has been sold with an unsatisfactory margin or if the absences in the production line exceed 5%, or else? IkDrone thinks about it!

More ideas and solutions

ikDrone also provides automated smart reports for your team, every sales man will be able to look at the dashboard with limited information to their customers without someone having to work on it.

All charts and tables are easily accessible by any authorized user, limited to the information of his relevance, from an intern to the CEO.

Providing an analysis tool for everyone means having more eyes and minds at work, it means producing more ideas, more proposals and more solutions.


ikDrone makes traditional spreadsheets a tool of the past, completely replaced by a modern, intelligent and exceptionally productive reporting tool.

ikDrone, supported by artificial intelligence and algorithms with which traditional reporting means fail to keep up, represents the future of sustainable business development and data analysis.

ikDrone is also Team Collaboration - Digital Storage!

Discover its Communication and Collaboration and Digital Storage features!