Team Collaboration

Important Additional Services

ikDrone has been enriched with some features useful for communication and collaboration within the company during its development.

These services have the distinction of being fully integrated and complementary to the functions of Directional Reporting and Business Intelligence.


An internal messaging system to communicate confidentially with the team

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Document Sharing

Digital archive where to store documents to share with your team

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Personal Organizers

Individual agendas on which to record appointments to share with the team

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There is often a need to communicate confidentially with team members.

ikDone chat is immediately available without installing apps on your device and ensures maximum confidentiality as messages pass encrypted and remain only on your server.

They do not pass, much less are stored, on third-party or shared servers, as common applications do.

They are not stored on your smartphone or tablet either!

The company has total and exclusive control of its messages.

Document Sharing

To share documents there are many systems, why should I use ikDrone?

1) Because it is easier and faster to upload a document. You don’t have to learn how to use new software or follow a procedure, you just have to drag and drop the file to archive.

There is no function to call or procedure to follow.

For example, if you are checking a customer or following a project you will see a drawer in which to store the documents you want to keep under your hand, drag the document above and … Done!

At the side of the document you will see a padlock, if it is closed it means that the document can only be seen by you, clicking on it will see the members of your team and you can choose the people authorized to see it or on the open padlock if it should be visible to everyone. Can you imagine something simpler?

2) Because it’s easier and faster to find documents,you don’t even have to search for them! You’ll already find them where you need them, when you get back to the customer or the project.

Personal Organizers

You definitely find yourself well with your usual agenda but there are some things difficult to manage, some things that would be more convenient to handle with a dedicated tool.

For example, the agenda of technicians or sales people: each person manages their agenda while the supervisor can see both the agenda of the individual employee and all the appointments reported on a single agenda.

Other features: